2nd International Conference on Environmental and Astronomical Light Pollution
EALPO 2022

Niepołomice, September 2nd-3rd

Due to the complex international situation and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be organized in a hybrid mode, both for stationary participants and remotely via the Zoom or MS Teams platforms.

Conference topics include:
  • effect of light pollution on the human health
  • effect of light pollution on flora and fauna
  • effect of light pollution on the astronomical research
  • impact of architecture managing on the limitation of light pollution
  • meteorological aspects of light pollution
  • methods of reducing light pollution and minimizing its effects
  • dark sky tourism in the context of light pollution
  • shaping public awareness of light pollution
  • economic aspects of light pollution

We invite people related with ecology, astronomy, nature protection, medicine, lighting technology, architecture, urban planning, representatives of territorial self-governments and non-governmental organizations involved in the protection of nocturnal environment and everyone interested in the subject of the conference.